Monday, January 20, 2014

Changing Horses in Mid-stream

A middle of the night decision

became reality in the daylight.

I pondered today and decided:  I am cutting my loses and jumping off of a horse in midstream.

Goodbye Blogging, it’s been a fun love affair but you are not giving back to me as much as I am giving to you.

Another love has appeared.  Myrt-Ty-Ky-Ly, the fierce dragoness, kept putting her soft snout in my hand, and soon she became part of my dreaming hours.  Soon she became so familiar to me that I would have recognized her in a herd of dragons.  Oh my goodness, Myrt-Ty-Ky-Ly is me, we have fought the same battles, given away our heart in a like manner, have the same wounds and rewards. 

Dragons were around for a purpose.  The pale humans needed challenges in order to toughen them up.  My tribe of dragon did its job and then disappeared.  Or did they?

Myrt-Ty tells me in soft bits of flame that the time has come to recognize and concentrate on one priority – her battles, her loves.

I thus disappear from Blogging, from Google Plus, from Circle, from Twitter.  Nobody paid any attention to me anyway.  I had a very few encouragements (you know who you are and thank you so very much).  But for the most part I was swept away, unseen, by the flow of words that ignored me. 

A kind friend gave me a website.

I am hoping to find someone to put my Blogs ( Kindly-Kross-roads, 
Dreams, Druthers and Dragons  ) and a few long-ago published stories in a neat format on this webpage TASWOS.

My writing is good, I feel that it should not be buried.  My book is good (the alternate safe World of Sanctuary  ), available on Kindle, Amazon and bookstores, and I will not abandon Evangeline and TASWOS either, only postpone.

The midnight hour is here and if anyone misses me - I am heading off to assure Myrt-Ty that we are cutting the distractions, we will start filling the pages.  Adios, Aloha, Farewell for now.  Mariam