Wednesday, April 2, 2014

BUCKET UPDATE - Is This Futility?


April 02, 1905 – July 24, 2001

In case you’ve missed
The latest bucket list
This is for you

News Flash about Old lady with holes in ears

Special Alice is Fashion
Removed starter crystals without mashin’
And put in pretty pearls

But old lady wasn’t as sharp
She couldn’t change without warp
Now right ear bigger and curls

Flash – Flash -- on Kreating Earrings

Amanda’s Kreativity
Is very Splendifity
And now she is teaching me how

To make gemstones dangle
From my ears they now jangle

To match my necklaces – Wow!

Travel Writing Class

I’ve been a little bit baffled
About places I’ve traveled
For writing a story I need a sign

I wrote to neat instructor Dan
 about ways
Maybe Travel agenting
 in the olden days
He said it would be fine for this 
story line

Bathroom upgrades

Still packed and waiting
Still pacing and hating
What’s the change-over date
When can I move and uncrate
Or need I cry again???


Trying to find my way
Find a goal for every day
Several churches are among my Searches
Although I know - God is on my patio.

Sending to Ed

In the morning I’m no longer crying
I’m trying, sweetheart, I’m trying
But I miss you so hurtfully much.


Is anyone out there?
Reading my stuff
Writing for space
Is much too tuff.

If my words are meant to be
Send a comment so I can see

A word from you and I’ll continue to try
Just comment -  maybe:   Hi – or Sigh – or My My

"When everything seems to be going against you,
remember that the airplane takes off against the 
wind, not with it. "

–Henry Ford