Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bucket List #2 writing class in downtown Phoenix

Bucket List:

 #1 - Pierce Ears

Monday morning – cross Pierce Ears off of Bucket List.  The cute young gal at Clare’s assured me that the age of 86 was not too old to have pierced ears.  So now I twist my little sparkle every hour to keep an active hole in my ear lobe.  It will be 60 days before I can replace sparkle with fancier earrings and already I am looking at brighter and dangles.

My special young granddaughter Tia is suggesting we have matching tattoos next.   Her father and my husband will go thru the roof.

#2 - Class in downtown Phoenix with real live people who write stories and sell them. 

Thursday afternoon – A chilly windy gray day and I almost talk myself into taking a nap instead of walking over to ASU downtown, the home of Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, home of 7,000 students, to ask about a writing class and possibly a marketing class for my published book.  The goal is to find some action and discuss, talk, learn with other people about writing and selling books. 

I trudged (yes, trudged by this time) along the little avenue where students sit outside when it is sunny and I ventured into several up-date beautiful buildings, talked to several cute young receptionists, ended up in the School of Writing which is stuck in the basement of the old postoffice.  I learned (unofficially) that enrollment costs about $4500 and there are no writing classes at ASU downtown, the home of Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. 

I trudged home and will take my nap after posting this to relieve my aggravation.

I can’t believe there is no place for an old lady to go and find real live people who are writing and/or publishing and/or selling fiction books.

Sigh.  Bucket lists are tough sometimes.

WANTED – SEARCHING – LOOKING FOR real live writing and or marketing class with real live people in downtown Phoeix.  #writingclass #marketingclass #downtownPhoenix #seniorcitizen