Saturday, February 15, 2014

You are not alone - Bucket List


#1 - Pierce Ears  - Ears doing fine.  My sweetie pie, after initial dislike for anyone punching holes in me, slept on the idea, then handed me a chunk of money and said “Go for it.”  Now that I am looking at purty sparkly ear rocks, which aren’t cheap, he realizes that he will have an investment in my ears.

#2 – With Encouragement & Information from Christina, Fred and Urssy – I am now enrolled in college once again.  Yes, the Lifelong Learning Institute, for 55 plus, downtown ASU, class will be maybe 3/4’s a mile from my front door, easy walking distance.  The class:  INTRODUCTION TO TRAVEL WRITING, not first choice but the only available with action.  The purpose:  to find a circle with people who have my interests.  Starts March 21, four weeks, an hour and a half on Friday.  I hope to do usual morning routine early, Ed settled comfortably and all should be OK for a couple of hours.

#3 – Bite the bullet and get it over with.  Join with the big kids.  Don’t be such a scairdy cat!  OK, I told the very nice Joel at Consular Cellular – Sign me up.  Goodbye faithful companion land phone.  Hello, nice little cellphone. Well, it may be little but it is the largest that I could find.  A couple of days and I will be asking anyone around of the younger generation – What do I do next.  My phone number will be the same but I do not have unlimited mileage, only (gasp) 500 minutes. 

#4 – Web set-up.  Slow.  Trying to decide which 4 or 5 stories from long ago. 

#5 – Myrt-Ty-Ly-Ky.  Here is her picture.  She still has a lot of writing to do before her book will be ready.

Sigh.  Bucket lists are tough sometimes.